ULTRA CURES with Jameel A. Sulami

Our world today is facing biological and psychological toxicity in systemic way as never before. Clean air, pure water, organic food, ecologic environment and bio-friendly and effective treatments became todays the most hard-to-find components.

At the same time, along with these, although modern advancements kept moving forward and forward, helplessness of chronic diseases continues at the same pace.

Even though most of the acute diseases are taken under control, 21st century’s biggest challenge is chronic diseases.

Using the same paradigm of treatment of acute diseases for chronic and complicated cases resulted in total failure.

For any chronic disease, we need three essentials:

1- Basic Paradigm: Taking holistic look at the body, it’s organs along with the soul. Humans are not like machine parts but rather are like complicated and highly interconnected web. We are highly interconnected in biological perspective and highly interconnected as biology and psychology as well.

2- Causative Diagnosis: Not only thinking it’s enough to do only few reductionistic labs, but many functional, ancient and modern diagnostic methods should be used and above all, we should listen to the patient very good to make the correct diagnosis based on all underlying causes of all symptoms of all diseases in that particular person.

3- Holistic Treatment: Using correct and personal approach and using all available natural and safe treatment options for solving all of the underlying causes of diseases in particular person while managing the symptoms in bio-friendly way.

But unfortunatelly, some group of people keep insisting on saying ‘same one drug` for A , B or C disease.

Now think please. If you roof is leaking, would you start walking around your house with an umbrella or would you actually fix the roof ? Or if there is fire in your house, would you deal with smoke comes out of it or would you put out the fire ? When you are cleaining your room, do you just sweep dust under the carpet or do you clean it properly ? When you put a lot of make up to cover you pimples, does it mean they healed or are they just temporarily invisible ?

Now which side are you ? Are you still striking for that ‘same one drug’ or do you believe curing your body’s internal environment will solve many problems ?

If you now realize that depressing symptoms or so called doing make-up on diseases is just pointless, not helping or even bad for you then you are on the right path for the cure.

With wishes of beneficial healings,

Jameel A. Sulami
Bio-Friendly Integrative Medicine Expert
Physician |  Consultant |  Researcher |  Writer


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