First, let’s remember together the main basic concepts of Functional Medicine Paradigm in order to understand what really most of functional medicine physicians are really missing. Here is the 7 main concepts of Functional Medicine:

1-Applying system’s biology in medical practice.

2-Holistic look on body organs as well as body and soul. Everything is connected.

3-Using real functional labs with detailed listening to history of patient.

4-Treating all underlying root causes and not symptoms.

5-Focusing on root causes without forgetting to remove the triggers or to manage the symptoms.

6-Personalized approach in diagnosis and treatments.

7-Using all scientific and proven natural therapies and treatments.

These are the main concepts that all functional medicine physicians agree on. But the missed essence is when it comes to apply these concepts into treating underlying root causes of diseases, most of so called functional physicians using approaches to fix some root cause while destroying or harming other parts of the body such as using EDTA, DMSA, synthetic antibiotics etc.

Functional Medicine is not only a roadmap to get to the root causes, but is a systemic paradigm that we should implement in our treatment approaches as well. We cannot diagnose the patient with functional and holistic look based on systems’ biology in order to treat him after that with reductionistic approach. In order to be a real Functional Medicine physician our treatments should not harm patient’s some part while trying to treat some underlying cause.

We should always remember Primum Nil Nocere which means First Do Not Harm, as an important essence of Functional Medicine paradigm.

Yes, treatments can be gradual and step by step, but to be a Functional Physician any step of treatment should not harm the patient.

This should lead every Functional Medicine Physician to learn Functional Therapies and Treatments, especially safe and wide spectrum botanicals, ancient healing arts such as acupuncture, cupping therapies, hirudotherapy and other proven holistic and functional therapies.

With wishes of beneficial healings,

Jameel A. Sulami
Bio-Friendly Integrative Medicine Expert
Physician |  Consultant |  Researcher |  Writer

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