Hijama therapy is not done on empty or full stomach. Someone should wait at leasts 2 hours after main meal and people on empty stomach are adviced to drink 1 cup of honey water (1 table spoon honey mixed with 1 cup of water), or eat some few dates (3-7) with drinking enough water before the treatment.

Person who wants to get hijama therapy should wait at least 24 hours after sexual relationship, hard physical activities, hard sports, sauna or turkish hot bath.

Detoxing before hijama therapy with personalized dieting and nutritioning raises efficiency of hijama therapy. But this kind of detoxing should be done by a master physician who will apply the treatment.


After hijama, billions of biological reactions and triggering of body’s natural detoxing and healing process starts. That’s way it’s important to consider the following points:

-Dieting and Nutritioning: It’s adviced to not to disturb blood circulation with over eating, too much from hardly digested foods like red meats and beans, foods that can trigger inflammation in people with leaky gut such as gluten containing foods like wheat, barley, rye and oats, and casein containing milk and dairy products at least for 3 days.

It’s adviced to eat food that is easily digested, anti-inflammatory with high nutritient density and friend with immune system after hijama therapy. Here is generally safe food list that most of patients are adviced to eat.

  • Organic Eggs “half cooked” (2-3 eggs a day)
  • Organic Cultured Season Vegetables
  • Organic Season Vegetables
  • Organic Cold Pressed Olive Oil
  • Organic Raw Honey
  • Organic Unfiltered Apple Vinegar
  • Organic Beans “little bit and cooked well with cumin and better to avoid”
  • Organic Grass Fed Lamb or Goat Meat “little bit and better to avoid”
  • Organic Grass Fed Chicken “little bit and better to avoid”
  • Organic Bone Broth
  • Sea Fish (avoid deep sea fish)

For non-diabetic patients can add the following:

  • Organic Buckwheat “little bit”
  • Organic Covered Rice “little bit”
  • Ajwa dates “7 pcs a day”
  • Season Fruits “little bit and with cover and before night”

– Physical Activity. It’s not adviced to be practice hard sport or any hard physical activity in order to not to disturb blood circulation. And it’s adviced to stop sexual relationship, sauna and hot Turkish bath for at least 24 hours after hijama therapy. There is nothing bad in taking warm shower directly after hijama therapy.

– Toxic Exposure. Hijama therapy is triggering a serious detoxing period. That’s why it’s adviced to be far from toxins such as sugar, transgenic fats, genetically modified chicken, smoking, alcohol totally or at least for 3 days after the treatment.

Superficial incisions made during hijama therapy (superficial scratches) usually fading away in 3 days. Different coloration happened in skin usually fading away in 3-7 days. These different coloration on hijama points indicates different types of problem related with that places or internal organ connected with that point. Mild edema caused by suction of cups usually fading away in few hours.


With wishes of beneficial healings,

Jameel A. Sulami
Bio-Friendly Integrative Medicine Expert
Physician |  Consultant |  Researcher |  Writer


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