“During the “International Congress for Prophetic Medicine” – Al-Tibb al-Nabawī in June 2014 in Ankara, Turkey, I was made aware of ESR Therapy which integrates many ancient healing arts in an integrative way in one combined therapy. I found its application systemic and wish Dr. Jameel all the success in this venture.”
Prof. Rashid Bhikha, Chairman of Ibn Sina Institute of TIBB, Johannesburg / South Africa

“Being one of few holistic dentists around and the only one in middle east, I realize that real holistic functional medicine experts with art like treatment methods are a blessing. I was extremely pleased with Dr. Jameel who treated chronic pain of my 70 years old mother which she had to live with for many years. It was released with the professional and caring sessions of ESR Therapy. My mother is headache free and able to sleep well since then. My family and I are so grateful for his help and his high standards of care.”
Dr. Maysa Eddie, BDS, Syd Uni, FAACP | Dental Surgeon, Holistic Dentist, Al Ahmadani Medical Center, Doha / Qatar

“I am a family doctor who is living and working in Istanbul. Approximately 2 years ago my blood pressure started to raise and I’ve been put to hospital in order to control it. After 2 weeks, I was put on the treatment of classic hypertension treatment which meant using medication that had diuretic side effects for life. As a medical doctor I was thinking that I could keep my hypertension under control. I was eating food without salt and trying to loose weight. Despite of my strict diet , I was not able to loose weight. Despite of the medications I took, my blood pressure was unstable at being high. I was having palpitations and insomnia. My menopausal symptoms were already there and specially hot flashes were very uncomfortable. I couldn’t solve my insulin resistance. As I followed the advice of my dentist friend I’ve decided to ask Dr. Jameel – who have experience in different medical fields – for support. I became happy to get rid of my very severe headaches after only few sessions of ESR Therapy which later on has motivated me to continue on treatment and begin a holistic and detailed treatment program.”
Dr. Fahrunnisa Can, MD, Family Doctor, Istanbul / Turkey

“I have met Dr. Jameel Sulami through a common doctor friend. First I read all of his articles. As being a doctor who is also into ancient medicine myself, he got my attention a lot. So I made appointment for my father. My father is 79 years old and he recently has loss of power on his left leg and he is wobbling while walking. Just right after Dr. Jameel performing ESR therapy my father immediately said his leg feels so much better and he is more balanced while walking. Also we noticed that he his appetite came back and lack of sleep went away. We are thankful for his treatment and also for him showing me and my wife (who is also a doctor) the light of hope in these desperate times of modern medicine.”
Dr. Mehmet Uslu, Family Doctor, Istanbul / Turkey

“My Mother had a prosthesis operation on her knee 5 years ago because of osteoarthritis. Many years passed and now she started having same issues on other knee. She couldn’t bend her knee, she couldn’t walk a distance and she had burning sensation under her soles. Dr. Jameel performed one session from ESR therapy and results were incredible. My Mother can now bend her knee better and burning sensation is not there anymore. Being in medical community so many years and seeing such an improvement in such short time made us very happy and also shocked us alot. I thank him and before that I show unlimited thanks to the True Owner of this knowledge.”
Dr. Candan Uslu, Family Doctor, Istanbul / Turkey

“Many people have their doubts about functional medicine. I never had that. But I did doubt about Dr. Jameel. Because It was almost impossible for me to believe what he was saying while talking about what he can do with his therapy. Although I didn’t want it, my mother became his patient. After such a short time like 6 months, results were truly amazing! She was so much better, left the medicine she was using, lost weight, became 10 years younger. After witnessing this, I told him that I was having issues with my right arm. It was like some weight was hanging from my muscles which was causing pain to even doing little stuff such as using my phone, writing etc.. I went to physical therapy for it but it didn’t work. Dr. Jameel said ‘It is going to be fine in only one session of ESR therapy.’ Although now knowing he is very good at what he is doing, still it was hard to believe my pain can fade away in less than 40 mins. But he did what he has said. After performing ESR therapy on my arm, my pain went just like that. Till this day, I still can’t figure how he does what he does, but I am very thankfull towards him. To learn half of his knowledge would cause me to call myself a successful doctor. Sincerely yours.”
Dr. Zeynep Elif Can, Istanbul / Turkey