Bioregulatory Medicine is a multidisciplinary field of medicine that applies systems biology and the multi-system support to homeostasis, also known as bioregulation. It was formulated during ninities, by a team of doctors in London, led by Dr. Tatyana Bosh and Dr. Damir A Shakambet.

Systems biology applied in bioregulation explores the relationship between human physiology and the environmental health factors. The autoregulatory mechanisms of homeostasis is affected by multiple factors that interrupt systems’ balance, and treatment is based on supporting homeostasis.

Diagnosis is made through specific algorithm (multiple causative factors) of aetiological and nutrigenomic and biochemical nature, all involved in the process of dis-ease and in a pattern typical for each patient. This concept is in agreement with modern science, but differs in the conventional approach by not applying palliative (single causative factor) diagnosis and treatment. The bioregulatory medicine implements a personalised protocol that includes support of a set of involved dysregulated homeostatic systems for each patient (personalised medicine).


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