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“After I’ve noticed multiple exciting health improvements in my medical doctor wife who has been treated by Dr. Jameel and saw his professional and boutique work, I’ve decided to get ESR Therapy sessions from him for my chronic neck disc herniation and chronic back pains which I was suffering for 10 years. My pains totally disappeared, I feel more energetic and my life quality is being improved.”
Mr. Shukry Jan, Aeronautical Engineer, Retired Aircraft Maintenance Director of Turkish Airlines, Executive Vice President-Technical of Onur Air, Istanbul / Turkey

“As a holistic nutritionist I use super foods, eat fully organic range and treat myself with super herbs. But there was some missing point that made a big tension and severe chronic pain on my shoulders and upper back muscles which I was thinking that it will be very hard to be released because I was suffering from it for 10 years and I couldn’t even turn my head to the end. After meeting Dr. Jameel in a seminar in Doha, I liked his holistic and functional approach of medicine and I had chance to try triple sessions from his ultra boutique ESR therapy that he applied very gently and I cannot imagine how pain was ceasing immediately and my neck became totally free directly after his ESR Therapy. I think I was blessed.”
Mrs. Ana Castro, Holistic Health Coach, Doha / Qatar

“I was very skeptical to choose a holistic physician whom I can really trust about all my problems. I wanted someone special. Upon advice of a friend whose small son with severe and multiple autoimmune diseases started to recover I decided to meet Dr. Jameel and had pleasure to get a very special boutique medical care. With his special ESR Therapy that I was enjoying in comfort of my home with his artistic work I was knowing that I am working with correct person to trust all my problems. Long list of my problems started to get better and better day by day. I had high amounts of mercury, lead and very high amount of cadmium toxicity which had been removed safely within few months with no side effects or pain and that was wow. ESR therapy helped my sister also with her chronic pain that even her medications was not helping her. Thanks for his special care.”
Mr. Önal Yılmaz, MSc, General Manager at Meta Gayrimenkul , Istanbul / Turkey

“My wife was suffering from lots of chronic pains which started to release shockingly directly after first few sessions of ESR Therapy she has got from Dr. Jameel, and after three months of boutique medical care with daily follow up, it amazed me how her hypertension which was not becoming normal despite of getting her hypertension medications became totally normal and she is living medicine free until now.”
Dr. A. Hussain Nemah, former CEO at Qatar Charity, Doha / Qatar