Jameel A. Sulami
Founder of Bio-Friendly Integrative Medicine
Founder & Educator of USR Method & ESR Therapy
Functional Physician |  Consultant |  Researcher |  Writer
Skype: zanjameel
Istanbul – Turkey

Please read carefully and accept the following statements before making an appointment request.

Patient Acceptance Criteria:

I spend the majority of my time in research, educating and scientific works and I follow boutique (very detailed) style of practice. Therefore I must keep my patient numbers low. It is also very important to me, to reach success in my treatments by the will of ALLAH, therefore I have some expectations from my patients. These are my criteria for accepting a new patient:

1- To accept or be willing to accept an ecological lifestyle. Your diet should be totally organic. Cleaning and personal hygiene products should also be of the ecologically safe kind rather than poisonous chemicals. This is a must even after reversal of the disease.

2- You should be ready for a holistic and radical lifestyle changes.

3- According to the patient strength and ability, regular walks at a normal speed is essential. Couch potatoes who wait for their chronic illnesses to improve should wake up from their dreamland. Patients who are unable to walk due to their health problems should do some alternative forms of physical activity.

4- Rather than a singular form of treatment, you should be ready to accept a suitable combination of many therapies. A holistic and integrative approach to treatment should be accepted.

5 – You should be ready without exception to comply with the instructions of your functional physician (me) from A to Z relating all matters of your health be it biological or psychological. For treatments that I don’t provide such as holistic dental treatments, a selection of recommended professionals should be consulted and will still be under my strict supervision.

6- My treatments are completely bio-friendly. You should be ready to stop all synthetic/semi-natural therapies and treatments except in very rare situations where alternative natural therapies are not available. The treatment protocol is entirely based around natural therapies and ecological options.

7- You should be ready to take the treatment process seriously and want to get well from bottom of your heart. The treatment process can be lengthy and requires patience. Therefore I do not accept patients who have thoughts to take some therapies as trial version. My treatment is a package and once started cannot be cancelled. You should start with full motivation. The treatment period is an active and comprehensive one. Just the comprehensive pretreatment and detailed causative diagnosis period can take between 1-3 months.
Even if your aches, pains and some symptoms should ease very quickly with God’s will, with the aid of the new, natural, comprehensive and holistic therapies and techniques I implement .. i. e. ESR therapy, the core symptoms of the illness to stop and reversing the disease from roots can take 3-6 months in some cases, and sometimes it takes 6-12 months or more depending on the case.

8- You should be accepting of my “boutique” style of care. Therapies are implemented with a great attention to details and strict implementation, with high quality materials. Interventional treatments such as ESR Therapy, are given in the comfort of the patients home, ensuring hygiene rules. I also support patients regarding quality control of nutritions and other natural aids. For treatments I do not provide , a carefully selected experts in the field will be recommended. I will inspect the treatments and outcomes of such treatments. Patients will have periodically follow up via email. A daily or weekly report will ensure an active tracking of the patients. In urgent situations, no matter where I am in the world, you should be able to contact me directly. I will also provide unlimited support to the patient from the comfort of his/her home, via the internet, according to the patient’s needs.

9- You should know that Functional Physicians are like artists, all work in different ways . Medicine is in its essence a form of art based on science and you should be aware that I practice my art as a physician, on a much higher functional level than most functional medical professionals . I offer a more comprehensive, holistic, more personal boutique method of care. Functional Medicine is just one of my fields of expertise. As a physician after many years of training, research and clinical experience, with God’s help, I treat patients based on the system I have developed called Bio-Friendly Integrative Medicine, which includes of Functional Medicine. Those of you who require more standard treatments can contact any Functional Physician. But you should be aware that every physician practices his art differently.

You should know very well that, almighty ALLAH, The True Healer, gives healings to whom he wishes by making all essential reasons of recovery easy for him. If He doesn’t wish, no matter what opportunities that person may have, the jigsaw puzzle of good health will always have missing pieces.

Documents to have before asking for pre-consultation appointment:

Pre-consultations are made via skype. To take appointment for it please email me documents that are explained below:

1-Detailed history and information of diseases and treatment: Please write down your illness history and treatments you have done so far without skipping any detail with your own language and your own expressions.

2-Previous test results: Regardless of how old they are, please send any test result you have from before.

3-Reasons to choose me: First, you must know there are many doctors around the world that use different ways to treat chronic diseases. So this means, I am not the only option for your cure. While them –other options- being around, I would like to know your reasons to choose me and why you will trust me in this long treatment journey and regarding all your health issues from A to Z. I kindly ask you to write them down.

4-Reference: If you found me by a reference please write your references name.

5-Availability for Pre-consultation: In coming up days tell me your availability, to meet in Istanbul (If I happen to be in Turkey) or if I am too busy for a meet-up plan, to skype for pre-consultation. So I can choose best time for me between your options.

With wishes of beneficial healings,

Jameel A. Sulami
Founder of Bio-Friendly Integrative Medicine
Founder & Educator of USR Method & ESR Therapy
Functional Physician |  Consultant |  Researcher |  Writer