In the name of ALLAH, Creator of all, The Most Merciful and The True Healer.

One of my childhood dreams was to find cures for so called incurable diseases. Those days conventional western medicine which is reflecting itself as the best and most modern was the only medicine I knew. But, Thanks to ALLAH, before its being too late, I discovered that conventional western medicine was lacking on having an answer to many cases –apart from acute cases-. Once I got severe flu and it put me in bed for many days. I started using antibiotics, changed their types and their doses… But none of them worked. Thanks to ALLAH, I found final solution in a natural solution. So my route changed from conventional western medicine to different directions.

Students of western medicine have standart path and education in western medicine have a standard route. But because I have changed my route, I found myself in a ‘jungle’ that had so many paths. It wasn’t easy to find right way that would help me on my journey.

Instead of staying on a single path, I decided to discover about any path I could find. Knowing Arabic, Turkish, English and Ottoman languages gave me enormous power to find what I needed from beginning. These opened doors to ancient and modern medicine sciences.

Guidance of ALLAH and his gift of true understanding was the most important thing. Otherwise no matter how strong and advanced skills we have, they can be useless. One of old medics said about art of medicine ‘Our art is long and life is short’.  So, if ALLAH doesn’t help you, you will spend your life on useless knowledge and you will never be able to give fruits.

Today I understand very well that if I followed path of conventional western medicine, I wouldn’t be able to find or invent new ways to treat many chronic illnesses. Because conventional western medicine looks at human like it’s made of robotic parts that have no connection between each other.  So instead of presenting actual solutions for chronic diseases it gives synthetic medicines (better say toxic chemicals) as makeups to cover symptoms or collect the dust under the carpet.

Anyway, many conventional western medicine doctors who has not lost their freedom and conscious, has led themselves to ancient medical paradigms and different treatment methods. However, when they made so, they have faced a problem. As conventional western medicine is closed mind towards ancient medical paradigms, most of the ancient medical paradigms are not compatible, and hard to be understood with modern science. While this condition caused some doctors to hopelessness (desperation) but also led me and a limited number of futuristic physicians to understand and solve puzzle of ancient medical paradigms in light of latest modern science and later on to combine the ancient and modern medical paradigms with each other. In medicine we call this integration.

The Integrative Medicine family is a large family that covers many different types. Integration, is combining two different variants. Just like how bees are making different honey according to the diversity of pollen they collecting, doctors also are making different integration according to diversity of sciences they collecting and different ways of understanding and explaining. Every doctor practices his art of medicine differently as well. As medicine is not just science, it is art enriched by science.

In this path some of the most useful integrative paradigms I have benefited from were American Functional Medicine and Bio-Regulation Medicine. However, because of the fact that their solutions was sometimes slow, sometimes not sufficient and sometimes contained non-friendly biological treatments, this has led me to a more inclusive integration in medicine.

With Our Lord’s continuous help and making my pathway easy on this journey, I was able to get special courses from different medics from east and west on solving puzzle of chronic diseases. I also did serious researches in 4 different languages about different ancient medicine paradigms.

Throughout my journey, I was surprised by realizing how world’s most famous medic experts are worthless and ignorant while some medics whom I have never heard of had precious information for me. Sometimes to get a single information about a certain subject I even flied with old airplanes to the Himalayas to reach to Tibetan experts. True knowledge is a hard path to take.

Mainly, I have studied many different ancient and modern paradigms like Ancient Greek Medicine, it’s developed schools through Islamic Era by many different medics such as Ibni Sina, Al-Razi, Ibnul-Baytar, Ibnun-Nafis etc., Traditional Chinese Medicine, Tibetan Medicine, Ayurvedic Medicine, many integrative, holistic and functional medicine schools developed by different physicians and different natural treatment methods. My studying still continuing, thus, the science comes from the womb to the grave.

The secret behind understanding all these different medical schools and paradigms easily and perfectly in light of modern science and integrating them properly with each other, was understanding pearls of Prophetic Medicine by the help, guidance and blessings of ALLAH.

After adding my experience of successful medical practices in 9 different countries worldwide – Thanks to ALLAH – a new school of Bio-Friendly Integrative Medicine came to an existence and rise.

By time Bio-Friendly Integrative Medicine has grown and started to give fruits. First with ALLAH`s help and then with a long years of clinical experience and a extensive scientific researches, a new treatment protocol, USR Method, Ultra Systemic Regulation Method and an innovative treatment way, ESR therapy, Essential Systemic Regulation Therapy has been founded.

For many years now I have come to conclusion that, chronic diseases are generally a concept that consist of multifactorial etiopathogenesis. It is a complex canvas of multiple, complicated and deeply interconnected root causes. Thus, it requires a combined treatment that consists of crucial life-style changes, comprehensive causative diagnostic and etiological treatments. This is why superficial, symptomatic, singular and reductionistic approaches – whether they are natural or synthetic – mostly results in unsuccessful results.

Although lifestyle changes and personalized nutritioning plans are not enough by their own, they are still an essential part and first steps that should be taken while going through treatment.

Boutique way of hard and detailed working, by doing everything carefully step by step with patience gave me its beautiful results to those so called ‘incurable’ chronic illnesses. Of course with the help of my Almighty Lord.


With wishes of beneficial healings,

Jameel A. Sulami
Bio-Friendly Integrative Medicine Expert
Physician |  Consultant |  Researcher |  Writer


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